How it works

The fresh revolution starts here! Tongue 2 teeth is designed for on the go convenience. Each unit has a coating on the inside that kills bacteria on the tongue. As well a coating on the outside that freshens the breath and whitens your teeth.


Tongue 2 Teeth is a one time use disposable product. Unlike a conventional toothbrush our product will not accumulate bacteria. The packaging is designed for a hands free contamination free exchange. The T2T will allow people to maintain oral hygiene anywhere anytime. Plaque will not have a chance to accumulate between meals!

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Future Vision and Goals

Tongue 2 Teeth has a goal to also become the worlds first toothbrush to give people with mobility issues the independence of brushing their own teeth again. Inventor Adel Elseri received thousands of emails from people around the world concerning what has happened to them and how this toothbrush will improve their day to day lives.

The Inventor

Adel Elseri is the inventor of the Tongue 2 Teeth. He is a 26 year old entrepreneur with a passion for oral hygiene.

"Anywhere, Anytime ... discreet and refreshing, it creates a convenience for you!...Most importantly it helps maintain a clean and healthy oral environment."
-Adel Elseri

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."
-Albert Einstein

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Although our product is not available today, we will soon be in a store near you. Please submit your email below for additional information on our revolutionary dental hygiene product.




Tongue 2 Teeth pitched to the Dragons on CBC's Dragons Den!

-Global News Edmonton

"Their invention is far more hygienic than a conventional toothbrush."

An Edmonton man has invented a new hands-free way to brush your teeth for anyone who is serious about oral hygiene on the run.

"A new concept toothbrush might have you licking your teeth in anticipation."

"They have an idea for a hands-free, tongue-mounted toothbrush, which on Saturday they pitched to a producer from CBC's the Dragons' Den television show."

"Hands-free toothbrush fits your tongue like a glove"